Fri Jan 29 2010

Greetings from Viv - The Birthday Girl - Doug the Navigator and pressie giver - (he remembered) - and bro John voyaged from the friendly Whangarei Marina 70 miles to the beautiful Bay of Islands - refuge for those who braved the Pacific Ocean gales enroute to here. That is code for 15 knots on the nose right down the river from the marina, then left turn past the Whangarei headland - 15 knots right on the nose, a sharp left turn, up with the full main, roll out the #2 jib and the rocket ride started and stayed right up to Cape Brett- entrance to the beautiful Bay of Islands. Then it got even more fun - surfing into shelter hit 13 knots on a 3m swell for a nanosecond. A great ride if a tad rough(code for v rough). Actually we postponed lunch and dinner until the anchor hit the sand. What a great spot - beach, green water, nice hills in a perfect shelter.
So it's good night from the original 70's crew, and we hope this finds youall as happy as we are.

Your Bay of Islands Tourists

Viv, Doug and John

Dec 14 2009

Monday 14 December 2009 2:25pm local time
In the Town Basin Marina downtown Whangarei NZ
tlog 119150 (start 18005)
Boat speed 0, wind zero

Greetings from Whangarei, New Zealand,
Safe and sound at the fabulous Town Basin Marina downtown Whangarei.
We have had just dream sail, and reception by NZ Customs and Quarantine.
The motor of 2 hours up the river was picturebook stuff - craggy hills, rolling hills, hamlets and quite a lot of industry.
Here we are right downdown - unbelievable - all shops, restos, galleries, transport steps away. The guys have actually disappeared into the shops. Hope they are not tasting the local wines yet. Loads of other boats from all over with kids racing about, flocks of dinghies - this is a cruising sailors town.
So that's it for this voyage. Thanks for being with us in spirit - it's been all good.
The Ym will be in Oakville late Jan after getting a few tuneup lessons from his Mum in Melbourne.


Your happy crew

Dec 13 2009

Sunday 13 December 2009 11:20am EDT
In NZ waters 1140 (roughly) nm from Coffs Harbour
35 13S 174 22E tlog 119144 (start 18005)
Boat speed 4 - 7, wind N 10-15, .5m seas, COG 155t
Distance to top of NZ 0 nm We're still there but going S on the East side by Cape Brett
Barometer 1023.6 #2 jib full main
150 nm -24 hr run Noon to Noon ( today)

Greetings from Cape Brett, New Zealand,

Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends, and jolly good company - and 40 miles from the quarantine marina at Whangarei. Updated ETA 8pm TODAY.
The crew have done the hard stuff now, and spent the morning polishing the boat. Looks great. Thanks.

We will report to youse all by phone tomorrow.


Dec 12 2009

Saturday 12 December 2009 10:36am EDT
In NZ waters 990 (roughly) nm East of Coffs Harbour
34 13S 172 07E tlog 18992 (start 18005)
Boat speed 6-8, wind NW 10-18, .5m seas, COG 100t
Distance to top of NZ 0 nm We're there
Barometer 1022.2 Blue spinnaker full main
180 nm -24 hr run Noon to Noon ( today)

Hello from the trans Tasman victors,
We know that it is tempting fate to crow about an ocean passage because it might come and bite you in the arse. However we are quietly confident that we will step ashore at Whangarei sometime next week.
At 8am this morning the Jurassic-like Three Kings islands rose into view quite dramatically after 970 miles across the Tasman. To celebrate we had Vegemite on toast and a cuppa.
Winds have been exceptional - blowing us v nicely on a broad reach, with and without spinnaker Bluey, and various reefs in the main, averaging over 7 knots for 6 days straight, so today's order is to change clothes whether needed or not.
Talking of Jurassic stuff- this morning the deck was littered with about 20 small squi. Could they be the forerunner of the fabled NZ giant squid that greets Aussie sailors?

Your crew - (all of us are still on board despite the efforts of the YM)

Dec 11 2009

Friday 11 December 2009 8:40am EDT
In the Tasman Sea 800 (roughly) nm East of Coffs Harbour
33 10S 168 31 E tlog 18805 (start 18005)
Boat speed 6-8, wind N-NW 10-18, .8m seas, COG 115t
Distance to top of NZ 212nm
Barometer 1025.9 Blue spinnaker full main
161 nm -24 hr run Noon to Noon

Hello from the downwind flyers in the Tasman,

Breakfast done yesterday we put up our favourite 2.2 oz blue chute, pulled up the full main, and sailed off in 10 knots of N NW wind. The thing is still up 24 hours later - we are hoping to keep it up until we sight NZ hopefully tomorrow.
Now to more important matters - the multigrain bread lasted until today but we have some in the freezer so don't worry thanks. The DG stew with Debbie was great last night however disaster struck when the red AND the white wine casks ran dry - the solution is to persuade Gringo to pop the corks on his tubes of red., and not to bring Bill next time.
The Cruise Director put on the movie 'Shoot em Up' starring that meanie C Owen - and that sommelier P Giamatti - the perfect comedy for 5 old guys in the middle of an ocean somewhere. Our favourite quote is 'guns don't kill people but they sure do help'.

Not long to land now

Dec 09 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009 10:30am EDT
In the Tasman Sea 465 nm East of Coffs Harbour
32 35S 161 58 E tlog 18484 (start 18005)
Boat speed 7-10, wind N-NE 20 - 30 knots, COG 105t
Distance to top of NZ 509nm
Barometer 1022.1 #2 jib #4 reef main
171 nm -24 hr run Noon to Noon

Greetings from the Tasman Passagemakers,
Now down to business of getting the miles behind us. Boat doing 7 to 10 in 25 knots , surfing a bit, and generally giving the crew a rough old time. Watches reduced from 3 to 2 hours using #2 Job and #4 reef in the main. Saw 13.7 last night.
Yesterday afternoon, tooled past LHI on it's West coast - quite the lump of rock - what is left of a massive volcano caldera - spotted Balls Pyramid and headed out for NZ. Salad a' la Robert - v nice, then dinner of DG spaghetti sauce which was great just before the v rough weather started up - still with us - wine wine wine.

Your rough weather crew

Dec 08 2009

Tuesday 8 December 2009 9:15am EDT
In the Tasman Sea 278 nm East of Coffs Harbour
31 12S 158 25 E tlog 18290 (start 18005)
Boat speed 6-8, wind N-NE 20 - 25 knots, COG 100t
Distance to top of NZ 704nm
Barometer 1024.0 #2 jib #2 reef main
147 nm -24 hr run Noon to Noon

Greetings from the Tasman tourists,
Conditions on board settling down to normal - YM putting on his C Bligh act occasionally - his excuse is everyone but himself suffers from hearing loss justifying the yelling.
In the on-board resto the DG stew with Deb and peas seemed to go down well although the crew are fairly polite, and the cook did not have to do the dishes which is his usual punishment.
Sparkling deep blue seas, with white caps, a nice breeze and a well fed crew.
We are 30nm from the famous Lord Howe Is. But will not be stopping there.
Highlights are toast with peanut butter and tomato a' la Robert.

Your settling in crew

Wikipedia info on Lord Howe Is.